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Virtual Private Network: Optimal use of Open Telekom Cloud

Modern working means being able to access cloud resources from anywhere safely - without long setup times. To securely connect your company network to the resources of Telekom, it is necessary to set up a virtual private network (VPN). An uncomplicated process that is done in a total of nine steps!

In this article, you will learn more about the topics:

  • Role of the Virtual Private Cloud
  • Setup of the Virtual Private Cloud
  • Step--by-step installation of a VPN with the Open Telekom Cloud
  • approximate reading time: 5 minutes

Before the installation of a VPN: Creating a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)


If you want to use the Open Telekom Cloud, you must first reserve a virtual IP address space on Telekom's physical servers. This private network area, which guarantees the privacy of users, is called the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). No other customers of the Open Telekom Cloud have access to a virtual private cloud defined by you.

Find out here how to set up a Virtual Private Cloud

Installation of the Virtual Private Networks - how it works, step by step

Only when a VPC has been defined a VPN network can be set up with the Open Telekom Cloud. This enables, for example, the secure connection of the external company network to the virtual resources of the Open Telekom Cloud. To set up a Virtual Private Network, follow these steps:

1. Log into the Open Telekom Cloud console ein.


2. Choose the tab "network"
3. In the now appearing menu click on "VPN" on the left.
4. By clicking the button "Create VPN" you will get straight into the console where you can create the VPN. 


5. Then, choose a name for the creating VPN.
6. From the appearing list, select the correct VPC that you have created for the VPN.
7. Set a pre-shared key as the password to gain access to the new VPN.
8. Now set the subnet mask that was created with the VPC.
9. Upon request, you can also set individual rules for the protocol at the end. For example, here you can select the encryption algorithm and set how long a key should be valid.


Important: Creating VPN settings also for servers apart from the Open Telekom Cloud

Your Virtual Private Network is now set up. In this way, you can easily integrate the Open Telekom Cloud into your corporate network. Important: In addition to the Open Telekom Cloud, if you use other servers whose communication with each other is to be ensured, the same VPN settings must also be set up on the respective servers. It is not enough to create the VPN exclusively in the Open Telekom Cloud!

Do you use both the Open Telekom Cloud and the DSI vCloud? Here you can read how the Open Telekom Cloud and the DSI vCloud can be connected via a VPN.

At a glance: the benefits of Open Telekom Cloud

  • Security: The data are hosted in highly secure Telekom computing centres in Germany.
  • Scalability: Computing power and memory can be ordered and set up online and adapted flexibly at any time.
  • Pricing models: We offer you flexible and fixed contractual periods as well as a combination of both models.
  • No vendor lock-in: Open Telekom Cloud is based on OpenStack, a freely available open-source standard. You can change the provider at any time.
  • Individual configuration: CPU, RAM, storage, network – you can put a package together for yourself that matches your requirements to the optimum degree.
  • IaaS for all: Open Telekom Cloud is extremely flexible and therefore suitable for companies of every size.

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