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Volume Backup Service (VBS)

Hard-disk based Backup Service

With its Volume Backup Service, Open Telekom Cloud offers a hard disk based backup service. This enables you to create backups for volume service disks and use these for restoring older versions, thus ensuring maximum data integrity. You can define automatic guidelines, including the backup of the Volume Backup Service hard disks. In this way, you specify automatic backups and time frames, intervals, and the respective data storage duration for your backups.

Incremental backups

After you have carried out the initial backup, incremental backups are supported as well. This means only the changes made after the previous backup are added. This reduces the required storage space for the backups considerably and optimizes the costs incurred. With only a few mouse clicks you can restore an earlier data status.

High availability

The Open Telekom Cloud Storage services use redundancy. In other words, multiple copies of the data are stored in several computer centers to ensure high availability. Consequently, your backup is in good hands and data loss is a thing of the past.

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