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Tag Management Service

Assign ECS resources to specific cost centers

Administrators can issue up to 10 tags for individual resources in order to assign them to projects or cost centers. Tags can be issued for the following resources:

  • Elastic Cloud Servers
  • Image Management Service
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Auto-Scaling
  • Object Storage
  • Elastic Volume Service
  • Volume Backup Service
  • Elastic IP
  • Cloud Server Backup Services
  • Distributed Message Service
  • Data Warehouse Service
  • Key Management Service
  • Map Reduce Service
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Domain name Service

The service can be used via the console or automatically via the API. The tags can also be taken from third-party services such as LDAP systems. This gives companies complete transparency regarding who has used which services to what extent and for which project. Internal cost calculations are enabled.

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