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Scalable File Service

Network drives as a storage option

With the Scalable File Service, the Open Telekom Cloud supplements the Elastic Volume Storage (EVS) and the Object Storage (OBS) with a Network File Service. It is based on the OpenStack Manila service. Network storage is accessible across different availability zones from different virtual machines (VMs). This is made possible by the additional logic of the NFSv3 protocol. The storage is not directly linked to the Elastic Cloud Server, such as SCSI, but indirectly via the network.

Flexible like the Object Storage, it grows automatically with the demands of the system. A previous size order is not necessary. It scales up to 10 PB, the relevant bandwidth for communication with the service grows to the same extent - up to 2.5 GBit/s. It offers, however, higher performance than the Object Storage.

Price model:

Similar to the Object Storage service, billing of the Scalable File Service is staggered.

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