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Relational Database Service (RDS)

Choose your database

Open Telekom Cloud’s RDS is a tailor-made database service. The RDS offers twelve Flavors to allow databases for different requirements to be realized. mySQL 5.6.30/33/34/35, 5.7.17/20, PostgreSQL 9.5.5, 9.6.3/5 and MS SQL 2014 (SP2) are available as relational database software.

The RDS offers an automatic-backup function. The RDS also includes a wide range of management tools for analyzing the performance of the database. Resource utilization over time and evaluation speeds allows database operation to be optimized.

The RDS offers a monitor service, with which more than 20 parameters can be recorded, such as capacity utilization of the database or the speed of script processing, etc. This allows the performance of the database to be optimized. At the same time, RDS contains a function for automatic backups and point-in-time recovery for the past 35 days. In terms of the utilized resources (CPU and memory), the databases are scalable both up and down.

The RDS also supports high availability also across different availability zones. In order to do this, a mirrored standby database can be added to the primary database. Up to five read replicas can be added to a database cluster. Read replicas ensure increased security and speed when data only needs to be read, for example, when users read an article in an online shop. The RDS is also directly available via an elastic IP.

Price model:

The RDS Flavors are each rolled out and provided with an operating system and a mySQL/PostgreSQL/MS SQL image or the corresponding images for the big data analyses. This is charged on the basis of hourly prices for the selected virtual machines (VMs). Additional storage for backups and images is billed using the model described above for the storage options. Detailed information on the price models can be found in this flyer.

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