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Migration-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Easy data transfer

A common challenge when moving applications is the transfer of the allocated real data. With MaaS, the Open Telekom Cloud provides a tool for moving data from object stores or content from relational databases to the Open Telekom Cloud. Data is encrypted and compressed prior to transfer. MaaS also provides a service that monitors the progress of the transmission and checks the data for consistency. A notification service informs users about the status and progress of the transfer.

Migration as a Service consists of three parts: Object Data Migration, Image Migration and Database Migration. This allows you to use data from object storage, server instances or VMs, and complete mySQL databases. Users start the migration service via the management console of the Open Telekom Cloud. The transfer is via https. Object Storage can be successfully transferred even when the session is broken or stopped; the transfer is automatically resumed at the breakpoint. Migration as a service also supports data compression, encryption, and consistency checks.

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