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Key Management Service (KMS)

Convenient management of user keys

With the help of the Key Management Service (KMS), users no longer have to worry about the storage of their own keys. The KMS generates and stores the public keys needed to access the data on the Open Telekom Cloud. KMS then provides the keys to the appropriate user. It is an easy to use way of connecting central security requirements to a cloud and allows users to manage their keys directly from the consol.
Key Management Service (KMS) ensures secure access to data and it is integrated with other Open Telekom Cloud services. With Cloud Trace, access to these keys is monitored, which helps to meet audit and compliance requirements. In its implementation, KMS also uses Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for the professional management the keys’ security. KMS does not directly store the DEK; customers receive their DEKs via customer-specific Customer Master Keys (CMK). The encryption and decryption is handled via the Hardware Security Modules. The service is accessed via its own API. Since July Open Telekom Cloud allows usage of customer-owned keys (“bring your own key”).

 The Open Telekom Cloud now also offers a Grant Master Key. This feature enables tenant owners to pass on temporary access permissions to encrypted data.

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