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Image Management Service (IMS)

Administer operating systems with ease

Usable virtual machines are created by installing operating systems on the Flavors. To install the operating systems, the Flavors must provide a minimum amount of block storage (elastic volume storage). 

Public and Private Images

Besides the images provided for use on the Oen Telekom Cloud, users also have the option to install their own images from operating systems or applications. In this case, the user is responsible for license-compliant use and the technical functionality of the operating system or application. The Open Telekom Cloud also provides a bring-your-own-license model for this. Private images can be added to the public images so that users can reuse them at any time. It is also possible for users to share images within their organization. The image formats QCOW2, VMDK, RAW, VHD or VHDX can be used on the Open Telekom Cloud. 

List of public images

The Open Telekom Cloud provides the following operating systems as public images in its library as standard:

Operating systemVersion(s)Disk size
Debian9 64-bit4 GB
 8 64-bit4 GB
Fedora26 64-bit4 GB
Oracle Linux Server Release7 64-bit4 GB
 6 64-bit4 GB
Windows Server 2016Standard 64-bit30 GB
Windows Server 2012 R2Standard 64-bit80 GB
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1Enterprise 64-bit80 GB
CentOS7 64-bit4 GB
 6 64-bit4 GB
SUSE Enterprise Linux Server12 SP3 64-bit4 GB
 12 SP2 64-bit4 GB
 12 SP1 64-bit4 GB
 11 SP4 64-bit4 GB
OpenSUSE42 64-bit4 GB
Ubuntu Server16.04 64-bit12 GB
 14.04 64-bit12 GB
RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)7 64-bit4 GB
 6 64-bit4 GB
RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)7.3 64-bit4 GB
 6.8 64-bit4 GB

Operating systems and Flavors

The Basic Flavors support all the existing operating systems, while some of the Advanced Flavors support only a few of the versions on offer. The image factory has an up-to-date table that shows which operating systems are supported on each of the Flavors.

Effect of the operating system on the price: Please note that the operating system selected affects the price for the Elastic Cloud Server. If you select an operating system from the Open Linux category, you will receive the most favorable conditions compared with the other operating systems.

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