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Elastic Volume Service (EVS)

"Virtual hard disks" for Elastic Cloud Servers

With Open Telekom Cloud, typical hardware restrictions are no more. Processing and memory resources have been decoupled from the hardware that supports them. Open Telekom Cloud offers Block Storage in conjunction with Elastic Cloud Servers.

The volumes (storage units) are offered in five performance classes to meet different input/output speed requirements: SATA, SAS and SSD. Added to this are performance-optimized variants of SAS and SSD, which enable, for example, higher data throughputs. Up to 32 TB of data can be stored on such a "virtual hard disk". The system disks of the virtual machines are also based on EVS.

Block Storage must always be connected to a virtual machine – unlike Object Storage, which can also be used as “stand-alone” storage.

Shared EVS makes it possible to connect an EVS volume to up to 16 different VMs. Block Storage is provided from three storage pools with different performance classes. Block storage is offered in five storage pools with different performance classes.

The maximum size of an individual virtual “disk” is 32 TB. Up to 10 such disks can be associated with a virtual machine. Every virtual machine needs a “base hard disk” for the operating system. Memory capacity is adjusted in real time based on users’ needs.

SATA interfaces cover the requirements of normal data exchange (I/O volumes). For larger requirements, SAS and SSD are used. Data is always saved with built-in redundancy. Multiple data storage leads to high data availability and data loss prevention as well as facilitating disaster recovery scenarios. Redundant storage also offers particularly high input/output performance. What is more, data exchange is quicker than using Object Storage.

Elastic Volume Storage can also be provisioned with user-defined automatic backups. The Open Telekom Cloud provides EVS Encryption, a service with which users can encrypt the data in block storage.

Pricing model

Elastic Volume Storage can be ordered in three classes. Prices differ according to the access speed. The prices listed are monthly costs per GB provided. If memory is only used for half a month, then only half the costs will be incurred.

Memory is also cleared when the instance associated with the Elastic Block Storage is stopped, assuming the memory has not been already cleared.

Sample calculation

Elastic Volume Storage is used as needed, so the amount varies from hour to hour. The calculated quantity is then the storage space which was used on average in the respective month (sum of the individual hourly values ​​divided by the number of monthly hours).

Date1. January2. January3. January[...]31. JanuaryAverage
Allocated space100 GB200 GB150 GB320 GB175 GB200 GB

In January, an average of 200 GB of storage space was allocated (=148.800 GBh/744h), and this is the amount charged.

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