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Domain Name Service (DNS)

Integration of Open Telekom Cloud resources within corporate networks

Domain Name Services (DNS) turn IP addresses into domain names of their associated internet sites (as e.g. DNS simplifies working with the Open Telekom Cloud. This principle can also be used for resources on the Open Telekom Cloud to guide users to particular resources.

Open Telekom Cloud also offers Domain Name Service. The most common use-case occurs when Open Telekom Cloud resources or services offered there need to be offered within a corporate network. Domain names can also be managed with the DNS, increasing the ease of use of the Cloud. DNS is available via the Open Telekom Cloud console and is protected by Anti-DDoS.

Price model:

Scaled prices based on the stored domains are used for Domain Name Services. If a domain is set up and remains configured for more than 24 hours, then it is charged once for the entire month. If a domain is deleted again after less than 24 hours, then it is not charged. In total, there are three scales for DNS with falling prices: 1-25, 26-50, and above 50. DNS is used by means of requests, i.e. if a domain is used, the number of requests is recorded and charged. Requests are billed by the million.

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