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Distributed Cache Service

In-memory database and cache service for fast data access

Distributed Cache Service complements the relational data base offering with a NoSQL / In-memory database. The Distributed Cache Service is ideal for all applications which depend on speed: caching the storage in the RAM allows fast data access, but is not persistent. If the VM is turned off, the storage will be erased. 

The Distributed Cache Service is best suited as a cache server for real-time analytics, high-speed transactions or message queuing. It supports five different data types: 

  1. string
  2. hash
  3. list
  4. set
  5. sorted set.

For applications that have very high performance requirements, clusters from individual DCS instances can be used.

Pricing model:

Distributed Cache Service is billed on an hourly basis, the price depends on the RAM size and type (Master/Standby or Single Node)

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