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Data Warehouse Service

Access to all data sources

Data Warehouse Service integrates data from different data sources by consolidating them in a database and a data model. Typical examples of such approaches can be found in the retail trade, for instance, where different business units maintain different data sources. For evaluations that go beyond individual areas, the various data sources must be linked, for example, to obtain statements about sales of products, or sales in certain regions or branches. 

The Data Warehouse Service enables data mining and also the analysis of larger data sets. The data sources can be located anywhere, but are copied to the Open Telekom Cloud for evaluation. The analyzes provide you with new insights for making better decisions.

Price model:

The Data Warehouse Service is billed in the pay-per-use model. Virtual machines and storage are provided for this purpose that - similar to the Relational Database Service - already contain the necessary software.

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