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Cloud Container Engine (CCE)

Simplifying your work in the Cloud

The Cloud Container Engine (CCE) based on Kubernetes provides users of the Open Telekom Cloud with maximum platform independence. Containers make it easy to roll out, stop and move entire application landscapes. The use of containers not only reduces network costs but accelerates and simplifies work on the Open Telekom Cloud. The Open Telekom Cloud offers a graphical user interface for working with the containers. The CCE also offers the option of accessing public resources of the Docker hub.

The Cloud Container Engine offers the user a complete container service. This manages clusters, images, templates and container-capable applications as well as operation of the applications. Working with Kubernetes requires the creation of a cluster in which users set up and manage their container applications. This also includes the virtual resources as well as their connections to each other. The information for setting up a container application includes the location of the images that are needed for the application. Own internal images can be used as well as external images from Docker Registries.

The Cloud Container Engine not only offers a classical way via input masks to define and start the containers but also a Graphical User Interface (GUI), so individual application components are created using drag-and-drop modules. These are populated with the necessary information (image source, names, ports, etc.) and linked to other corresponding modules - for example, if an application requires access to a database. The Cloud Container Engine can also be used for automation purposes such as application scaling. For the highest level of redundancy, the Cloud Container Engine can also be deployed across different availability zones (AZ).

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