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Bare Metal (BM)

Raw Hardware for your ideas

Bare Metal servers do not have hypervisors and virtualization. The computing resources are merely equipped with a host operating system (Oracle Linux, Suse Linux, RedHat or CentOS). Based on this, users have maximum freedom for their own designs. They can design their own Flavors entirely freely based on their own hypervisors and virtualization technologies. However, Bare Metal servers can also be used without virtualization. Thanks to the lack of a hypervisor, they provide a more consistent performance than virtualization machines do, making them ideal for big data analyses. In addition, Bare Metal servers now offer better license conditions for the software operated. Bare Metal servers are offered with up to 4 TB RAM and are connected to one another with 100 GBit of bandwidth. A Bare Metal server provides additional GPUs for special requirements. The Bare Metal servers are also invoiced on an hourly basis and include the relevant licenses.

 Compute-optimized o2.mediumGPU accelerated p2.largeHigh Performance H2.largeMemory-optimized m2.mediumMemory-optimized m2.xlarge
CPU2 x 8 core Intel Xeon E5-2667 v42 x 14 core Intel Xeon E5 -2690 v42x18 core Skylake Xeon Gold 6151 V54 x 24 core Broadwell Xeon E7-8890 v44 x 24 core Broadwell Xeon E7-889
RAM256 GB512 GB192 GB2048 GB4096 GB
GPU-8 x P100---
other-1 x 100 GBit (IB)1 x 100 GBit (IB)--
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