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Auto Scaling (AS)

Automated scaling to your specifications

The Auto Scaling service uses pre-configured rules to scale resources automatically up and down. These rules can be adjusted to your requirements; you can, for example, specify the availability and the response times of your infrastructure. The scaling configurations facilitate the management of your cloud resources for you. Once they have been defined, you can monitor the use of the rules at any time. The Elastic Cloud Servers of Open Telekom Cloud can be scaled both vertically and horizontally.

Open Telekom Cloud - Auto Scaling

Vertical scaling: You can change from one booked performance type to a more powerful performance type at any time.
Horizontal scaling: You can scale the number of provisioned Elastic Cloud Servers via the Auto Scaling Service automatically at any time and thus distribute the load to several virtual machines. 

How Auto Scaling works in Open Telekom Cloud

The Cloud Eye Service surveys the use of the allocated vCPU and RAM resources. You can determine the frequency of the measurement. This usage is compared with the configured scaling parameters. If usage of the current infrastructure, i.e., the virtual machines employed, rises above or falls below a configured threshold value, Open Telekom Cloud automatically adjusts on the basis of the pre-defined parameters. The rules do not have to just take server use into account but can also be based on performance or particular time frames.

This means that if the defined parameters are exceeded, an additional machine – according to the configuration – is provisioned and the load is automatically distributed to this machine (Elastic Load Balance). If the configured threshold values are undershot, a machine is removed from the configuration. This procedure is also referred to as "Scale-in / Scale-out". This means no further costs are incurred for this machine when the next hour begins. 

Cost Control

Your infrastructure grows on the basis of your requirements and the intensity of your usage. At the same time, you retain control of the availability of the services and the costs at all times. You can be sure that unused servers are decommissioned and are no longer included in your invoice.