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Cloud Server Backup

Dealing with Distributed-Denial-of-Service Attacks

Many publicly available corporate sites – as well as perhaps the services users provide via the Open Telekom Cloud – are open to criminal attacks. A common scenario is overwhelming a website with countless requests within a short space of time from various IP addresses.

Open Telekom Cloud’s Anti-DDoS service recognizes such attacks within three seconds and ensures the website remains online without the need for provisioning extra resources. When filtering out a current attack, network latency increases to a maximum of 30 milliseconds. As a matter of security, extensive runtime monitoring takes place across the Open Telekom Cloud platform.

A “DDoS attack” will be recognized automatically. With the Anti-DDoS service, you can define defence parameters for bandwidths below 2 gigabits/second and thus employ unused ports for redirecting the undesired requests. We provide you with reports so that you can view detailed information on these attacks at any time and trace the attacks.

For attacks above 2 gigabits/second, third-party solutions are available as a “black hole”. Here, unwanted traffic is disposed of without any further information for the attacker. The Anti-DDoS Service has access to a IP Reputation Service which contains millions of IP addresses and is used for both incoming and outgoing traffic. This way, botnet attacks can be quickly and easily recognized and filtered. The Anti-DDoS Service ensures that only unwanted traffic is filtered out through both UDP and TCP cleaning.