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Visualization from the Open Telekom Cloud: Something that pays off

It’s the dream of every driver to have their own individually assembled car. Of course now, when you buy a new car, you first have to choose from many options: Leather seats or fabric upholstery, aluminum rims and metallic paintwork, high-tech equipment or simple radio? It's hard to imagine what the new car will actually look like and how all the components will work together in the end. It would be ideal if customers could take a look at all the details of their potential car before buying it. AdaptVis provides just the solution for this from the Open Telekom Cloud. In 2014, the start-up developed an application that brings complex and detailed 3D visualizations from the cloud to any end device in real time via the Internet. The best thing about it is that users don’t need to download or install any additional software or plug-ins. All they need is a web browser.

Sell products better with 3D views from the cloud

"Our technology helps companies to better present and sell their products," says Henning Wenke, one of the co-founders and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at AdaptVis. "For example, those selling prefabricated houses can give their prospective customers a life-like and realistic impression. How do the materials and colors work together? Which tiles fit best in the bathroom? Every customer wish can be taken into account and represented."

open-telekom-cloud-adaptvis-visualized-room Almost real: What looks like a photograph is actually the screenshot of a virtual room, simulated by AdaptVis using the cloud.

And from every conceivable angle. Take carmakers, for example: Using the configurator, many brands only show the pre-fabricated and pre-calculated views and angles of their vehicles. The AdaptVis solution, on the other hand, calculates photorealistic 3D models in real time, which can be viewed from any conceivable position and from all sides.

Complex visualizations in the Open Telekom Cloud

Initially, the company founders still used their own servers. But these became too expensive and too inflexible. AdaptVis needed scalable resources to meet its requirements. The Open Telekom Cloud provided the solution. Today, AdaptVis benefits from powerful IT resources, which the start-up always obtains from the highly secure Telekom data center. Specifically, the founders use the G2.2xlarge.8 flavor for these complex calculations, which has 64 GB RAM and powerful Nvidia M60 graphics cards with corresponding graphic processor units (GPUs). This allows them to display highly complex objects from any perspective.

open-telekom-cloud-adaptvis-wenke-kolodzey What resourceful founders look like: Henning Wenke (left) and Sascha Kolodzey of AdaptVis

Flexibly scalable IT resources

The visualizations are sent to the respective end devices via the Internet. Whether computer, tablet or smartphone – regardless of performance, every user always receives photorealistic 3D graphics. In this way, carmakers can quickly and easily create 3D views of every dream car and convince their customers with the realistic interior and exterior representations of their customized configuration.

The solution from Deutsche Telekom's public cloud offering, which is based on OpenStack, offers AdaptVis many advantages: Instead of investing huge sums in purchasing and operating its own server room even when these resources are not always being used, the pay-as-you-go model means that the start-up only pays for what it actually uses. "Without the Open Telekom Cloud, our service wouldn’t be economically viable," says Wenke. "The strong GPUs deliver perfect results at all times. And thanks to their scalability, we can keep costs under control at all times.” It’s something that pays off – for customers, users and the start-up.

At a glance: the benefits of Open Telekom Cloud

  • Security: The data are hosted in highly secure Telekom computing centres in Germany.
  • Scalability: Computing power and memory can be ordered and set up online and adapted flexibly at any time.
  • Pricing models: We offer you flexible and fixed contractual periods as well as a combination of both models.
  • No vendor lock-in: Open Telekom Cloud is based on OpenStack, a freely available open-source standard. You can change the provider at any time.
  • Individual configuration: CPU, RAM, storage, network – you can put a package together for yourself that matches your requirements to the optimum degree.
  • IaaS for all: Open Telekom Cloud is extremely flexible and therefore suitable for companies of every size.

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