Scalable and cost-effective infrastructure from Germany

With Open Telekom Cloud, Deutsche Telekom is offering a secure Infrastructure as a Service solution on the basis of OpenStack. 

  • Server and storage at the press of a button
  • Hosting in highly secure Telekom datacenters in Germany
  • Affordable prices and maximum flexibility

Video: Open Telekom Cloud | Service Specifications (PDF)


Open Telekom Cloud services overview

Combine these services for your individual IaaS-solution
  • Computing
  • Storage
  • Security & Management
  • Connectivity/Network
  • Services
Elastic Cloud Server
Through Elastic Cloud Servers, Open Telekom Cloud offers virtual machines across nine performance classes. More about ECS
Elastic Cloud Servers can be automatically scaled to meet the demands of the work being carried out. More about AS
Image Management Service
The Image Management Service administers user images. More about IMS
Dedicated Host
In addition to the Flavors, we offer physically separate, virtualized hardware resources. More about Dedicated Host
Object Storage Service
The Object Storage Service offers cost-effective memory for (long-term) storage of large data sets. More about Object Storage
Elastic Volume Service
The Elastic Volume Service is block storage designed for quick access to data. More about EVS
Volume Backup Service
With the Volume Back-up Service (VBS), Open Telekom Cloud offers a hard-disk based backup service with high availability so data can be restored quickly. More about VBS
Security & Management
Open Telekom Cloud offers a completely free software-based security service which automatically detects DDoS attacks. More about Anti-DDoS
Cloud Eye
Cloud Eye (CES) is a monitoring service that offers an additional alarm function. More about CES
Identity and Access Management
Identification and authentication services for Open Telekom Cloud are available via Identity and Access Management. More about IAM
Virtual Private Cloud
Virtual Private Clouds’ basic functions serve as a way to separate various users’ resources from each other. More about VPC
Elastic IP
With the Elastic IP Service, users can setup a public IP address for the Virtual Private Cloud, making services within the VPC available via the internet. More about EIP
Elastic Load Balancer
The Elastic Load Balance service automatically distributes incoming requests to the virtual servers. More about ELB
Domain Name Service
Open Telekom Cloud services can easily be offered within a corporate network. More about DNS
Direct Connect
Direct Connect gives higher transfer speeds, stability and more options for greater security. More about Direct Connect
Cloud Container Engine
With the Cloud Container Engine, you gain the highest degree of platform independence. More about CCE
Relational Database Service
The Relational Database Service allows you to use the database that is right for you. More about RDS
Workspace Service
Based on Workspace Flavors, Workplace Service creates cloud-based desktops. More about Workspace Service
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Benefits of Open Telekom Cloud

  • Maximum security and favorable prices
    Open Telekom Cloud is an Infrastructure as a Service solution that couples the highest level of security with competitive pricing.
  • Scalable cloud resources
    Tap into a platform that offers you scalable compute and storage resources without the contractual obligations. Alternatively reserve infrastructure and enjoy discounted per hour pricing.
  • OpenStack: No vendor lock-in
    As Open Telekom Cloud is built upon Open Stack you have the ability to port workloads in and out of the cloud with no vendor lock-in, delivering the flexibility your business needs. More on OpenStack.
  • Instant provisioning of servers and storage
    Order, configure and deploy your infrastructure in minutes with our simple and intuitive online console. Manage your resources online and integrate them with your existing environments via a comprehensive set of API’s.
  • Flexible CPU, RAM, Storage & Networking Options
    Optimize the hardware and network configuration for your application, define the auto-scaling rules to ensure performance and enjoy peace of mind with the remote monitoring & alerts.
  • Large or Small? We have your size
    Open Telekom Cloud gives organisations of all sizes the ability to right size their infrastructure needs and scale up or down as their requirements dictate – a tailored approach that delivers the right fit.


Open Telekom Cloud is secure

Open Telekom Cloud is secure (Kopie 1)



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