Managed Services for Public Cloud Infrastructure

Companies, especially highly volatile multinational companies who gain their innovative strength from applications, have very clear expectations of what they want from the cloud:

  • Cost-effectiveness and cost control

  • Simplicity in dealing with the cloud services

  • Security for productive environments and data

With its Managed Cloud Services, T-Systems offers the right resources, skills and methods for the effective and economical use of public cloud infrastructure.

Partnerships with the most important public cloud providers enable a holistic approach.

Managed Cloud Services for AWS

Cloud market leader with high pace of innovation.


Managed Cloud Services for Azure

Established at companies with Windows and Office environments.


Managed Cloud Services for VMware

Market leader for virtualization technologies.


Managed Cloud Services for Google Cloud Platform

Leading hyperscaler for AI/ML.


Managed Cloud Services for AWS

Managing public cloud environments, such as Amazon Web Services, requires companies to provide the right resources with the relevant skills and the freedom to deal with the rapid pace of development and innovation on an ongoing basis. However, most IT staff in companies are used to develop services for their own customers or to optimize in-house processes. The “playing field” needs to be provided, optimized and managed to create the ideal conditions.

Two examples:

  • Creation and configuration of S3, the storage service from AWS, requires not only configuration of the storage, but also access management, consideration of policies, and finally the entire life cycle management.
  • Providing virtual machines is very simple, but handling the various configuration elements is complex and time-consuming. In addition, there are more than 120 services available that the user needs to understand. 1,400 features were provided in 2018 alone.

These examples show that it is impossible to put resources to the best possible use without extensive knowledge and skills.

With its Managed Cloud Services, T-Systems offers supplementary services for your AWS account.

The range extends from consulting to onboarding and cost monitoring. We offer security concepts and ensure adherence to company specifications and guidelines. Our Cost Control Center defines the right machines for your purposes, where they run, and the optimum payment model.

Our Foundation Service package covers costs control, access control and security for AWS.

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