Cloud based IT infrastructure
  • out of the box
  • from one supplier
  • on your campus - preconfigured and operational!

Hybrid cloud szenario

As an addition or an expansion to existing VMware environments, e.g. DSI vCloud or can also be used as a standalone solution.

On-premise solution

Across locations and for special requirements regarding data protection or compliance and for licensing requirements.

Powerful IT infrastructure

Scalable, high-performance appliances with more flexibility and simple automation.

"Out of the box" Cloud

Cloud computing is now the technological means of choice when it comes to modernizing data center capacity on company campus and also when making use of cloud offerings from IT suppliers as an on-demand self-service. In such situations, the physical resources are either in your own data center or hosted by the supplier. 

Utilizing IT resources from an IT supplier’s cloud renders the company’s own IT infrastructure dispensable, eliminating the associated costs as well. 

But this sourcing model is not always the best choice. As soon as business-critical production applications are used or special compliance specifications must be followed, then the desire or need to keep the IT infrastructure on campus arises. 

T-Systems’ hyper converged appliance

Hyper Converged Infrastructure from T-Systems provides the right solution for this scenario: fully integrated and preconfigured appliances are made available on your own company campus. This means software-centered architecture, combining processors, storage, network and virtualization in one casing. This “out of the box cloud” aligns the technological advantages of cloud computing to your company’s unique specifications.

Hyper-convergent systems from different manufacturers

T-Systems offers hyper-convergent systems from different manufacturers to meet your requirements. T-Systems advises you independently of the manufacturer and is, therefore, able to find the right system for you. The delivery is carried out by one of our distribution partners within two weeks of commissioning. System launch is possible within 24 hours.


vSAN ReadyNode

Preconfigured, tested and certified x86 servers from leading manufacturers based on VMware Hyper Converged Infrastructure Software.

Every ReadyNode is optimally configured for vSAN with the required amount of CPU, RAM, network and storage capacity.



This is a fully integrated, preconfigured, and pretested hyper-convergent VMware product line for infrastructure appliances. In cooperation with Dell PowerEdge server options, VxRail offers comprehensive, configurable appliances suited to all application examples.



The hyper-convergent solutions from Nutanix are based on web-scale technologies and architectures. They are software-defined by 100% and independent of special hardware for capacity, performance and availability.

Fully integrated and preconfigured appliances

Software-centered architecture, combining processors, storage, network and virtualization in one casing.

  • Software-defined-storage

  • Software-defined-network

  • De-duplication

  • Solid-state-drive (SSD)

  • Replication

  • Clustering
  • Cloning
  • 10GbE
  • Automatic Failover
  • Disaster Recovery

Advantages of hyper-convergent infrastructure


  • All required IT infrastructure components in one solution
  • The on-premise cloud is fully preconfigured and can be used immediately
  • The central user interface allows for straightforward management and use for companies




  • Systems from different manufacturers enable integration with an existing hybrid-cloud structure (hypervisor-compatible)
  • Seamless integration with different existing management tools and backup software as part of the solution


  • Up to 35% reduction in energy costs for electricity and cooling
  • Reduction in operating expenses and TCO
  • Increased productivity in the IT department due to a reduction in routine tasks such as provisioning and monitoring 
  • Efficient use of storage such as compression, de-duplication, replication, snapshots, and up to five times better rack space usage

On-Premise cloud for maximum flexibility and security


Company IT knowledge is maintained and developed.

Safety and security

Business-critical production environment and data sovereignty are paramount.

Legal framework

Legal considerations require in-country data management.

Network connection

The use of cloud computing technology in remote locations with low bandwidth.The use of cloud computing technology in remote locations with low bandwidth.

Compliance provisions

Restrictions or technical specifications require data management within the company.

Licensing provisions

Require dedicated storage and RAM or even an enclosed room/cage.


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