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Workloads & vCloud Extender

Users can upload existing workloads (VMs and vApps) to the DSI vCloud. Images or templates can be uploaded directly via the Internet (DSI Hybrid) or intranet (DSI Private) via self-service in order to be configured and/or implemented.

Alternately DSI vCloud customers can migrate on-premise vSphere workloads to DSI vCloud by leveraging vCloud Extender. vCloud Extender is a free service that allows customers with on-premises or co-located VMware vSphere infrastructures to perform cold and warm migrations of their workloads to DSI vCloud using a vCenter Plugin. Additionally, customers can use this product to extend Layer-2 on-premise vSphere Networks to DSI vCloud. This allows secure connectivity between on-premise workloads and DSI vCloud workloads in addition to enabling on-premise workloads to be migrated with the same IP address space.


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