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Managed Firewalls

All private connections of customer networks must strictly be routed over a firewall to the DSI vCloud network infrastructure. There are firewall variants of different performance characteristics available:

Per slice:

  • Up to 30 MBit/s throughput
  • Up to 2 MBit/s VPN throughput
  • Up to 1,000 concurrent sessions

Per Managed Firewall:

  • Max. 150 IP addresses
  • Max. 200 FW rules
  • Max. 20 VLANs
  • Max. 20 VPNs (optional)
  • Minimum purchase quantity: 1 slice
  • Maximum purchase quantity: 250 slices

The firewall systems are operated on the hardware and software provided by Deutsche Telekom (firewall systems and network components). The components of the firewall are installed and their functionality is tested. Two identical firewall systems (identical hardware and software) are operated as a high availability solution.

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