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A complete DevOps tool environment for your container-based software development

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With DevOps as a Service, we provide a DevOps toolchain that contains exactly the right tool for every stage of the DevOps cycle – in a logically isolated Virtual Private Cloud for each customer, including maintenance and support. You can manage your users and projects using the included Self-Service Portal, which is included in the scope of services. They are automatically created, deleted or modified as appropriate in all hosted tools.

The portal and all tools can only be accessed via the Internet with strong encryption. As such, they can be securely accessed by DevOps teams spread all over the world, in which end customers and third parties (e.g. suppliers) can also be integrated, thus enabling a new culture of collaboration.

DevOps cycle

DevOps cycle

DevOps toolchain
DevOps toolchain can be accessed all over the world

We provide a ready-to-use DevOps toolchain with DevOps functions for the entire DevOps cycle.

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DevOps application catalog
Catalog of deployable applications

All applications from the catalog can be deployed to your target environment(s) with a single mouse click.

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DevOps secure operation
High availability

The reliable operation of the DevOps toolchain and Self-Service Portal are guaranteed as part of the service level agreement.

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DevOps Self-Service Portal
Self-Service Portal and user management

You can manage your projects and access permissions in the portal.

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DevOps support
Support from the Service Desk

Our experts answer your questions and personally process your service requests.

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DevOps reporting

You will receive monthly reports on the service level and a list of the consumed cloud resources that are not already included in your package.

DevOps toolchain – secure, up to date and with comprehensive support

The DevOps toolchain supports you in container-based software development according to DevOps principles. It is made available as a multitenant software as a service (SaaS) and is based on defined cloud resources corresponding to the ordered user package.

When preparing the ready-to-use DevOps toolchain, Deutsche Telekom creates the tool environment and a user account with administrator role for you. Then an email is sent to you containing the access data and the URL for the central Self-Service Portal, which was also made available during this process, as well as contact information for the Service Desk (“ready-for-service email”). From provision onwards, Deutsche Telekom provides support and operational services within the European Union as per the service description.
Deutsche Telekom’s service transfer point is the web application of the individual software tools running in the tool environment and the web application of the central Self-Service Portal at the point at which the data center accesses the Internet. The responsibility of Deutsche Telekom ends at the service transfer point. From the time of provision, the customer makes any further configurations to the DevOps functions for individual customers independently using the self-service function.

The DevOps tools integrated in the DevOps toolchain currently* provide the following functions for the entire DevOps cycle:

DevOps functions

Software tools

Issue Tracking / Agile Boards


Collaboration / Documentation


Source Code Management

Bitbucket (Git)

Continuous Integration / Delivery

Jenkins with Blue Ocean

Artifact Repository / Docker Registry

Nexus Repository OSS

Container Management


*Depending on current requirements, Deutsche Telekom may decide which versions of which software tools are to realize the DevOps functions given above. Deutsche Telekom will inform the customer of any changes to software tools by email. Should changes necessitate migration steps on the part of the customer, Deutsche Telekom will coordinate these with the customer in advance and support the customer on request.

Provision of an application catalog

As part of the DevOps Container Management function, Deutsche Telekom also provides you with a defined application catalog consisting of one or more Docker containers with configuration aids.

You can install and operate the applications using the containers in your environment. The latest content of the catalog can be viewed via the Container Management DevOps function.

This catalog is regularly updated by Deutsche Telekom; as such, existing images can be updated or removed, or new images can be added.

Further information on the tool environment can be found in the service description.

Provision of an application catalog

Operation of the DevOps toolchain and the Self-Service Portal

Standard service level agreement:

  • Operation time: 24x7
  • Availability for each DevOps function: 99.0% per calendar month at the service transfer point (calculation basis and further information can be found in the service description)
  • Attended operation time (AOT): Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., except for national public holidays in Germany

Enhanced service level agreements and services are available on request.


Included operational services:

  • Patch management (installation of patches or minor updates provided by the software manufacturer)
  • Release management (release upgrades for used software tools)
  • Housekeeping (regular cleaning up of generated log files and temporary files)
  • Monitoring (monitoring of the infrastructure of the customer instance for error states and utilization)
  • Backup (daily backup of the servers of the tool environment, including recovery in case of disaster)
  • Regular maintenance

Responsibility model

The following graphic shows how the responsibilities for various layers (from infrastructure to usage) are allocated between Deutsche Telekom and you as the customer within the scope of the provision and operation of DevOps as a Service.

Responsibility Model

Responsibility Model

* For software tools from Atlassian that require a license and are hosted by Deutsche Telekom, the customer is the license holder and provides their licenses and the corresponding software support.
** Deutsche Telekom procures the Atlassian software products that are required for the respective user package in coordination with the customer and on behalf of the customer as the reseller.

Self-Service Portal and user management

The Self-Service Portal is for the convenient management of your projects, your users and their access permissions. The number of projects for each customer is limited to the number of contractually agreed users as per the user package.
You can access central user management and the individual DevOps functions via the Self-Service Portal. Direct access to the software tools is also possible via the corresponding URLs.

Self-Service Portal and user management

Screenshot Self-Service Portal and user management

The central user management area offers the following self-service functions:

  • Creation and deletion of projects
  • Creation, modification and deletion of user accounts within the scope of the booked user package
  • Password management
  • Assignment of users to projects
  • Assignment of users to roles in projects
  • Creation, modification and deletion of technical user accounts in individual tools for the integration of further components
  • Assignment of technical users to projects
  • Assignment of technical users to roles in projects

The defined roles have graduated privileges for using and configuring the software tools. Via the central user directory, all users can log in to all tools with the same combination of user name / password, whereby the user names are to be defined as the email addresses of the users. The Service Desk reserves a user account from the booked user package for system administration and in order to implement service requests.

Support from our experts at the Service Desk

You can contact our experts during the attended operation times (AOT) via email, the central telephone hotline or through the web portal.


  • Answering queries
  • Checking and processing service requests
  • Incident management

(extra fee for additional operational services)

Operation time:
Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., except for national public holidays in Germany.

On request, we offer optional advice and training courses beyond the tool environment – e.g. agile coaching or similar.

Support from our Service Desk experts
Your contact: Dr. Olaf Schütt

If you are interested or have any questions, simply get in touch with us:

Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and, if necessary, will consult the DevOps and cloud experts from our Digital Solutions portfolio unit.

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