Architecture of DevOps as a Service

Collaboration made easy

The architecture of DevOps as a Service illustrated below enables cross-functional and geographically distributed – i.e. virtual – DevOps teams to work together directly and closely on the basis of DevOps principles. Provided that they have Internet access, all DevOps team members can access the customer instance with the DevOps toolchain, the application catalog and the Self-Service Portal using an encrypted connection, in accordance with the permissions assigned to them. Large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises benefit from this to the same extent.

Everyone involved in the value creation of software can be seamlessly integrated in the teams or software projects – from sales staff, customer representatives, architects, product owners, project managers, Scrum Masters, developers, testers, graphic designers, operations managers, security and compliance managers to third parties, e.g. suppliers of software components or microservices. All stakeholders can be integrated in a single project in a cross-functional manner and can work together from publicly accessible areas of the Internet or the cloud infrastructure upon which it is based while still being sufficiently isolated from one another.

We also offer high flexibility with regard to the target infrastructure on which your software can be deployed and your IT services operated. DevOps as a Service supports all target environments that are compatible with the software tool of the DevOps Container Management function (in particular the operating system and Docker version) and which can establish outgoing connections to the Internet.

As part of the DevOps Container Management function, Deutsche Telekom provides you with a defined application catalog consisting of one or more Docker containers with configuration aids. You can install and operate the containers with the included applications inside your preferred target environment.

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