A complete DevOps tool environment for your container-based software development

  • Save time and effort with the ready-to-use DevOps toolchain
  • Focus on your core business – we provide and operate the entire tool environment for you
  • Benefit from the best possible advice from our experts – when you need it and in all project phases
  • Provision of renowned and proven tools, which are always up to date and secure

DevOps as a Service from Deutsche Telekom – Your benefits

Save time, money and effort

You save time, money and effort

  • Start your software projects quickly thanks to a short provisioning time
  • DevOps toolchain can be used immediately
  • Global collaboration beyond company boundaries
  • Support through catalog for container-based applications
  • Get started successfully thanks to the best possible support from experts
  • Full cost control through flexible and needs-based adjustment of usage-dependent resources
Focus on your core business

You can continue to focus on your core business

  • Provision and operation of the entire tool environment – relieving you of all control tasks for stable and secure operation
  • Free selection of the target environment for the containers that you have created with the toolchain
  • You can concentrate on your software development instead of maintaining the required tools
  • Information security and guaranteed compliance regarding the scope of services
Best possible support

You receive the best possible support

  • Expert support for using the tools up to two weeks after provision (inclusive)
  • Support from the central Service Desk during the attended operation time
  • On-site coaching and training courses supervised by our experts (optional, for an extra fee)
  • On request, support beyond the tool environment – e.g. agile coaching (optional, for an extra fee)

Ideal collaboration between development and operating teams

Reduce the time to market of your software products

DevOps cycle

DevOps cycle

An increased focus needs to be placed on the needs of your customers – the users of your software. Today, your customers demand that applications and new functions are available considerably faster than in the past. As a result, the time to market must be drastically shortened. Customers expect agility and flexibility along with a high level of stability, security and quality. Your challenge is to resolve this conflict of objectives. DevOps combined with cloud services is a perfect solution for optimizing the added value of software – from development, all the way up to provision and operation.

Software development and operation in line with DevOps means the implementation of important DevOps principles in terms of corporate culture, methodology, architecture, tools and collaboration.

Our DevOps as a Service primarily supports you with architecture and tools. In addition, we offer proven solutions for enhanced collaboration as well as the right technologies and tools with a high degree of automation. Throughout the entire DevOps cycle, our DevOps as a Service provides a technological basis for cooperation beyond departmental boundaries, national borders or time zones.

DevOps principles and benefit

DevOps principles and benefit

Benefits of Deutsche Telekom’s DevOps as a Service

A complete DevOps tool environment for your container-based software development

DevOps toolchain
Provision of the ready-to-use DevOps toolchain with DevOps functions for the entire DevOps cycle

DevOps application catalog
Provision of a catalog of deployable applications

DevOps secure operation
Secure operation and high availability of the DevOps toolchain and Self-Service Portal are guaranteed as part of the service level agreement

DevOps Self-Service Portal
Self-Service Portal – the web application for accessing central user management and the individual DevOps functions

DevOps support
Competent support from the experts at our central Service Desk

DevOps reporting
Reporting – monthly adherence to the service level, event-based utilization of cloud resources

Get your software projects started quickly and reduce your administrative workload
for stable and secure operation – with DevOps as a Service from Deutsche Telekom.

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The DevOps as a Service architecture provides a technological basis for cooperation beyond departmental boundaries, national borders or time zones.

With the unique architecture of DevOps as a Service, you care for close collaboration in virtual DevOps teams:

  • Exclusive tool environment for every customer
  • The toolchain is implemented by the integration of popular and proven tools
  • Allocation of individual permissions for team members
  • Encrypted access to the DevOps toolchain, the application catalog and the Self-Service Portal for all members
  • Option to integrate further stakeholders – even third parties
  • The customer selects and connects the target environment(s)
  • Provision of a catalog of deployable applications

Usage models and prices

Flexible user-based price model

DevOps user packages

You can select the package that best suits your needs from four different sizes – XS, S, M and L. Prices are then calculated on a monthly basis per user package. The flexible user-based license model is ideal for agile team sizes.

All prices listed above do not include taxes and duties applicable at the time of delivery and service. They apply for “bring your own license” (BYOL) by the customer for fee- or license-based Atlassian software products, which are needed in order to provide the service in accordance with the size of the ordered user package. Deutsche Telekom also offers larger user packages on request.

Consulting / Training

End-to-end support for your DevOps transformation

Our range of services is completed by customized consulting packages and our training courses on topics such as DevOps methods and developer training. Benefit from the advice and support of our experts in all matters relating to the DevOps tool environment!

Consulting / Training

Further information

DevOps as a Service downloads

Here you can find an overview of our downloads – including an introduction to DevOps and a service description.

Link download page

DevOps as a Service user documentation

Our user documentation supports you when using the DevOps toolchain.

Link to online user documentation

DevOps as a Service blog

Read the product blog and stay up to date with the latest topics and important updates.

Link to the DevOps as a Service blog

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