The modular Platform-as-a-Service offering (PaaS) combines technical development platforms with quickly available business applications from the cloud and can be used as a managed service with no significant development outlay.

The AppAgile PaaS services

Use these services for your individual environment.

Performance & Volume

Managed services on the basis of Red Hat Openshift Container Platform

AppAgile provides the entire development environment and the CI/CD. It also safeguards operation of the productive environment including SLA, monitoring etc. Security-checked Docker containers are available – or you can bring your own containers which are then transferred to the AppAgile Managed Service. In addition to PaaS, other services such as monitoring, backup, storage, network etc. are provided as part of the Managed Services.

Backup Integrated Storage (BIS)

All storage classes can also be ordered as Backup Integrated Storage (BIS).In addition to the data storage medium, BIS includes a snapshot-based data backup facility to a secondary data storage medium in a second data center.

Storage classes

Additional, persistent data storage can easily be reordered if necessary using the self-service option in the AppAgile portal.

Container-native storage

Red Hat Gluster Storage can be used as a storage option. The cloud-agnostic storage solution is triple-mirrored and equipped with ultra-high storage (SSD) independent of the cloud.


Various platforms

We provide AppAgile on the following platforms: DSI vCloud, Microsoft Azure, Open Telekom Cloud

Bare Metal on premises

A Bare metal version is also available on premises. The platform is operated 24x7 (follow the sun).This is available in EMEA, APAC and AMER from the relevant region. As a result, modern cloud services can be supported efficiently round the clock.

Middleware platform

In the (managed) productive environment, AppAgile offers not only managed PaaS but also a whole range of managed services for middleware and data components. These include both managed services within the AppAgile PaaS and fully managed Azure services (native cloud services). An up-to-date list can be found at

Optional platform service

In addition to managed PaaS, AppAgile offers optional managed platform services such as "AppAgile Metric Stack" or "AppAgile EFK" (Elasticsearch, Fluentd & Kibana). These services support both logging and monitoring of the customer application.


Managed services

With the Flex and Committed editions, T-Systems can manage middleware or database products. The following services are possible: administration, user management, incident management, change management, patch management, backup & restoration, monitoring.

Other functions


With Managed Services, AppAgile PaaS combines the agility of DevOps for the rapid development of innovative cloud services with ITIL-based security and reliability for production environments. With the AppAgile DevOps Engineer, T-Systems offers a model with which speed as well as high availability and SLAs on various cloud infrastructures can be mapped out reliably.

Database as a Service (DBaaS)

As part of managed middleware services, AppAgile offers various data platforms – from SQL, NoSQL and NewSQL to Hadoop systems in the cloud or on Bare Metal. Select a suitable combination of middleware and a data platform – AppAgile manages and orchestrates this for you.

Backup & restoration

AppAgile provides an automatic backup of the system data with various retention periods for each platform variant. Restoration is optionally available depending on the platform variant.


With the Flex and Committed editions, the following services (among others) can be used: booking a virtual server, secure mail, secure file transfer.

The advantages of AppAgile PaaS

  • Remain agile in the market
    with business innovations and gain a competitive advantage more quickly by providing the desired applications at the push of a button
  • Simple testing
    of applications, risk-free scaling with the business, pay-per-use pricing model
  • Focus on innovation
    You concentrate on your application. We manage the rest as a service 24x7
  • Maximum security
    thanks to operation of the platform in T-Systems’ certified data centers in accordance with German data protection laws
  • Hybrid solution
    Combine the benefits of the private and public cloud on the basis of Microsoft Azure
  • Docker containers
    You configure the service, we provide it on a managed platform
  • Self-service DevOps platform
    Applications can be created quickly and easily using trusted tools
  • Big data solutions
    at the push of a button from the eco-system open up new possibilities and fields of business

How AppAgile PaaS works

From production to development


By taking into account modern working methods and techniques such as scrum or DevOps, AppAgile comes in exactly where the skills of developers and specialist departments do not easily complement each other and thus ensures seamless integration of the solutions developed into ongoing operations so that all specialist departments can use them.


T-Systems’ end-to-end managed service is the major advantage of AppAgile PaaS. Thanks to a high level of automation and standardization, it is possible to run very small projects at first and then scale them seamlessly later on and even create hybrid scenarios – all from a single source.


As you would expect from a cloud solution, the pricing models and variants of AppAgile PaaS are highly flexible. These range from hourly billing and standard prices with minimum quantities to more long-term contracts and discounts – this allows you to plan and control your PaaS without reducing the flexibility of the cloud.

Editions and prices

Middleware and managed services to suit every requirement

Flex Edition

Committed Edition

Start small with room to grow and with a high level of flexibility as regards infrastructure and services

Manageable flexibility as regards infrastructure and services coupled with cost stability

  • Your own virtual environment with flexible resources
  • Pay-as-you-go with hourly billing
  • Minimum quantities
    22 PCUs (standard availability) or
    32 PCUs (premium availability)
  • Contract term: 1 month
  • Middleware can be operated by T-Systems
  • Your own virtual enwiroment with reserved resources
  • Fixed volume with discount levels
  • Minimum purchase quantities
    22 PCUs (standard availability) or
    32 PCUs (premium availability), and also by scale or individual agreement
  • Contract term: 12 month
  • Middelware can be operated by T-Systems

PCU = Platform Container Unit Standardized consumption on 1 vCPU (0.33 GHz), 1 GB RAM, 2 GB data storage

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