AppAgile Big Data usage models

With AppAgile Big Data, T-Systems offers the ideal introduction to big data. From small, cloud-based applications on the Small Data Platform to dedicated high-performance capacities in the order of terabytes or petabytes as a private or bare metal cloud on the big data platform. Use predefined packages or put together your own individual configuration.

All big data offerings are based on Hadoop with Cloudera. Other scenarios such as MapR or Horton Works are also possible.

You decide whether your environment will be available publicly or privately and whether you would like to use dedicated hardware as bare metal. For proof of concepts, there is a specially reduced bare metal variant as well as the cloud-based model. On the basis of Azure, hybrid scenarios, e.g. in an analytics context, are also possible and even existing on premises solutions can be integrated. Regardless of which model you opt for initially, AppAgile grows along with your requirements.


Data Management & Data Analytics Services


Managed E2E Service

  Small Volumes
Big Volumes
Huge Volumes

Public Cloud
Open Telekom Cloud, DSI vCloud, Azure

DSI vCloud


DSI vCloud


DSI vCloud

  Bare Metal Cloud

  • AppAgile Big Data PaaS
  • Compact and quick introduction
  • Agile development
  • Data-driven application development
  • Datalabs
  • Proof of concepts
Bare Metal Cloud

  • AppAgile Big Data PaaS or
    bare metal orchestration
  • Dynamic Hadoop ® – performance based on real physics as flexible as a cloud
Dynamic Bare Metal Cloud

  • Bare Metal Orchestration
  • Data Ingest for very high data amounts
    (Multi-Terabyte-Ingest per day)
  • Analytical, cheap data storage (Hot, Warm, Cold,

Small Data Platform

Big Data Platform


Plattform as a Service

Bare Metal Cloud

Bare Metal Cloud

The advantages for you

AppAgile PaaS from the TelekomCLOUD:

  • Onboarding within hours
  • Self-service portal
  • Up/downscaling with a click / PaaS
  • Ideal for testing and development – datalabs
  • Straightforward upscaling to capacities in the order of terabytes
  • Available in 3 performance profiles: Volume, Balance, Performance
  • Flexible resource adaptation within 24 hours
  • Configuration in various predefined sizes: XS–XL
  • Proof of concepts on bare metal
  • Flexible pricing – pay as you go
  • Dynamic
  • Optimized for HUGE data / petabytes
  • Available centrally, locally, on premises
  • Satisfies the very highest security requirements
Pricing model
  • Shared, Flex or Committed
  • Minimum term 1 -12 months
  • Low-cost introduction
  • Flex
  • No minimum term
  • High level of flexibility
  • Committed
  • 48-month contract
  • Attractive terms and conditions
  • from 2 GB Storage (Shared)
  • from 3 TB Storage (Performance XS) to 43 TB storage (Balanced XL)
  • from 13TB Storage (Performance XS) to 400 TB storage (Volume XL)
  • from 1 GB RAM (Shared)
  • from 0,5 TB RAM (Balanced XS)
    to 2 TB RAM (Performance XL)
  • from 0,5 TB RAM (Balanced XS) to 2 TB RAM (Performance XL)
  • Individual configurations from 4 to 1,200 TB storage possible
  • Individual configurations from 4 to 1,200 TB storage possible

Proof of concept (POC): Special variant from 2 TB storage / 256 GB RAM available

0,1389 €
per PCU / per hour
on request
on request

Info box:

All bare metal cloud packages include:

  • Cloudera basic license
  • Managed operation for HW and Hadoop
  • Service Mo–Fr 7:00–19:00
  • Data quantities are net data quantities (gross x3)
  • Backup with HDFS snapshot
  • Duration of contract monthly Dynamic / PoC; 48 months Dedicated
  • Initial provision within 8-12 weeks
  • Unmanaged or managed service


  • Data center access (external data connection)
  • Operation 24x7 365 days a year (full time)
  • Service desk (hotline)
  • Backup with mirror cluster (disaster recovery)
  • Cloudera Data Hub license (8x5 or 24x7)
  • Cloudera Data Hub license (8x5 or 24x7)
  • Hortonworks, MapR instead of Cloudera
  • Other analytics packages: Talend, SAS, Informatica…
  • InMemory data: Cassandra, Mongo DB

Big data performance profiles

Choose your entry point, grow as you wish

The right performance / storage ratio for your use case

AppAgile Service levels

Service Level

Various service classes are available for the features of your AppAgile environment. “Office” applies to “Dedicated”, “Dynamic” and “Cloud Services for Developers” systems and to systems for which no SLA class is agreed. The “Full Time HA” SLA class is available on the basis of individual configurations and is part of a solution design for specific use cases.

Service levels



Fulltime HA*

Operating hours8x524x724x7

Supported operating hours

Montag bis Freitag
7-19 h
0-24 h
0-24 h
Monthly availability99%99%99,7%

If you have any questions regarding AppAgile Paas, we will be there for you!
Our experts will provide you with personal assistance and individual advice.

call-outline   00800 33 090300 
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