The ideal introduction to big data – from small, cloud-based applications to dedicated, high-performance capacities in the order of terabytes or even petabytes

The AppAgile Big Data services


Small Volumes

Big Data for Small Volumes is suitable for multi-gigabyte applications and is scalable to Large and then to Huge Volumes. Available from the private, public & bare metal cloud.

Large Volumes

Big Data for Large Volumes is suitable for multi-terabyte applications. Available from the private, public & bare metal cloud.

Huge Volumes

Big Data for Huge Volumes is suitable for multi-petabyte applications. Available from the dedicated & dynamic bare metal cloud..

Service Profiles


The Volume service profile is best suited for analyzing large quantities of data with good performance. Other advantages include low-cost storage space, batch analytics and offline analytics of large unstructured data quantities.


A good combination of CPU performance and RAM with a balanced mixture of data volume and performance make the “Balanced” profile suitable for use in a wide range of scenarios. The environment also allows ad-hoc analyses of large data quantities.


The Performance profile meets the highest requirements as regards the computing power of your big data environment. Real-time processing and analysis as well as in-memory use cases are possible. Data warehouse offload and advanced analytics are further options too.


The right infrastructure

Select the platform for your big data environment which is right for you: DSI vCloud (VMware), Open Telekom Cloud (Open Stack), Microsoft Azure (Hybrid).

Big Data Platform Services

To enable you to manage and further develop your big data environment in the best way possible, we offer services for integration, management, access and content.

Analytics Services

Big Data Analytics Services

AppAgile offers wide-ranging Analytic Services for your big data environment: Reporting & Analysis Products, Dashboard Products, Visualization Products, Predictive Analytics Products, Advanced Analytics Products, Data Analytics for Small Data.

The advantages of AppAgile Big Data

  • End-To-end Services
    Standardized end-to-end Hadoop solutions on the basis of an infrastructure platform (Classic, Dynamic, Cloud)
  • The right usage profiles
    Various performance profiles: Volume, Balanced, Performance mapped out on T-shirt sizes XS-XXL
  • Popular data formats
    Structured and unstructured data from various source systems can be migrated, compressed efficiently and queriedn
  • Best of breed
    Best of breed eco-system with infrastructure, Hadoop distribution, big data analytics, big data visualization
  • Dynamically expandable
    Needs-based provision of the necessary storage volume and straightforward expansion of the cluster according to data requirements
  • Service orchestration
    Professional management of services by T-Systems, high security features, high availability, backup cluster management and monitoring
  • Cloudera Hadoop
    CDH as the world’s most complete, best rated and most widely distributed distribution of Apache Hadoop
  • State-of-the-art architecture
    Thanks to a distributed system architecture, Hadoop offers a fail-safe platform for growing data and processing requirements
  • Secure
    Produced in Germany among other locations. Contracts in accordance with German data protection law

The components of AppAgile Big Data

Editions and prices

Select the right volume for your introduction to big data – 
AppAgile grows with your requirements.

Small Volumes

Big Volumes

Huge Volumes

Public Cloud
Open Telekom Cloud, DSI vCloud, Azure

Private Cloud
DSI vCloud

Private Cloud
DSI vCloud

Dedicated Cloud
DSI vCloud

Bare Metal Cloud

Bare Metal Cloud

Dynamic Bare Metal Cloud

AppAgile Big Data PaaS
Compact and quick introduction
Agile development
Data-driven application development

AppAgile Big Data PaaS or bare metal
Dynamic Hadoop – performance based on real
physics, flexible as a cloud
Proof of concepts edition

Bare metal orchestration
Data Ingest for very large quantities of data 
(multi-terabyte-ingest per day)
Analysis-capable, low-cost data storage facility
(hot, warm, cold, archiving)

Small Data Platform

Big Data Platform

Big Data Platform

AppAgile Big Data meets Hadoop

The quantities of data to be processed with big data are too big to handle using conventional approaches and technologies for data management and they quickly exceed the budget for classic data warehouse solutions. This means that a classic database will quickly reach its limits if unstructured and structured data are to be combined in a data model. Another aspect is the costs which can quickly rise with a conventional solution. This is where the strengths of Hadoop lie. As the basis for our AppAgile Big Data solution, it provides the necessary flexibility, dynamism and scalability. 

The Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) provides the basis for large big data platforms: thanks to scalability, distributed data storage in the order of a few terabytes up to more than one hundred petabytes is possible. HDFS is the software which ensures the high availability and redundancy of the data. Classic servers are used as the physical storage medium. AppAgile Big Data supports the Hadoop distributions of the leading manufacturers: Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR. The Hadoop solution HDInsight from Microsoft or Cloudera is available on the Azure Cloud.

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