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What are the bandwidth and latency requirements?

This depends on the detailed usage scenario:

  • For cloud based graphical CAD workplaces, we recommend 10 Mbits for the first workplace, + additionally 1 Mbits for further ones. The latency is important for the user experience, up to 30 ms is excellent, up to 50 ms is good, up to 100 ms acceptable for sporadic use, > 100 ms is not recommended. To have good results we supply workplaces only from a datacenter in the respective world region (EU, America, ASIA, ...).

  • For CAE workplaces we recommend two times the above mentioned bandwidth values of CAD workstations. Background is the use of grid surface visualization versus shaded surface visualization in CAD, which requires nearly complete image updates each time a model is moved and grid lines sweep over the screen. The latency requirement for CAE is comparable to CAD.

  • For hpc usage the bandwidth determines the velocity of batch up- and downloads and therefore is part of the overall turnaround time of the jobs. Latency is no issue. Therefore the hpc only use mode is technically possible for worldwide usage today (legal availability restrictions to be considered separately)

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Last update: 25.10.2018