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Understand the cloud. Experience your cloud.

  • Cloud advice based on practical use cases
  • Presentations of innovative cloud technologies
  • Workshops and roadshows
  • Joint implementation of proofs of concept on site
  • Integration and orchestration of cloud solutions

T-Systems CloudHub Berlin

The cloud, close enough to touch.

CloudHub Berlin is the T-Systems hotspot for all cloud-related innovation. Experience the latest cloud solutions together with our experts in a hands-on, inspiring working environment.

You can implement your ideas with our experts right away and see the advantages and benefits of the cloud for yourself. The CloudHub is the digital sandbox in which you are free to develop your ideas and dynamically adapt the test environment to your project’s specific requirements.

In addition to open discussion, the focus is on testing and experimenting together. Combined with regular roadshows and workshops, the agile environment actively promotes interaction with local specialists.

Try it for free!

Not sure which cloud solution is best for you?

Just try out our solutions in the CloudHub and pick the technology that fits.

Here you can even get hands on with our cloud solutions by embarking on a journey through different cloud demo environments and testing the functions and features of the cloud solutions on our interactive touch screen.

You can also try out the cloud live using continuously changing customer showcases.

See real-world customer examples of how complex subject areas, such as

  • artificial Intelligence,
  • machine learning,
  • the Internet of Things and
  • smart voice

can be integrated into your existing software processes. 

Learn how migrating to the cloud can help your business become more efficient and costs more predictable.

Now you know which cloud solution you want to integrate – but how do we proceed in the CloudHub?

Work with our cloud experts in the CloudHub coworking space to develop a bespoke concept for linking and transferring your existing IT applications to your selected cloud solution in three easy steps:

  1. Leave your technology experts in the CloudHub.

  2. Implement specific projects in the form of proofs of concept.

  3. Finally, test the custom-made product live.

Achieving success through coworking & co-creation.

Our experts will guide you from the idea to operation of your personal cloud environment, so that we can achieve the goal together in no time. The coworking environment in the CloudHub provides the perfect conditions for your and our experts to work together in the best possible way. In open dialog and through close and flexible cooperation, we work with you to achieve a high level of agility, enabling you to find solutions for your company quickly.

Out of the sandbox and into practice.

Your cloud solution has been designed and tested. Now our experts can help you migrate your applications, data, and concepts to the cloud, efficiently fine-tune the solution, and run it in your organization.

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Sales Representative Public Cloud Services

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How to reach us

CloudHub Berlin at the rent24 coworking location is on the ground floor at Oberwall Str. 6.

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Toll-free hotline

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