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First Singapore Open Telekom Cloud Service Upgrade

Open Telekom Cloud Team release a bundle of new services for Open Telekom Cloud Singapore. Distributed Message Service (DMS), Distributed Cache Service (DCS) und Relational Database Service (RDS) went live today.

With these services Singapore receives its first upgrade enabling new business scenarios. Set-up and maintenance of databases is laborious. With RDS users receive databases from one hand and on demand. Preconfigured images for mySQL 5.6.30/33/34 /35, 5.7., PostgreSQL 9.5.5 und MS SQL 2014 (SP2) allow the set-up of databases within minutes.

Services are billed in cloud mode according to „simple“ Compute VMs. RDS is a cost-efficient alternative to legacy installations: for temporary use cases, e.g. tests, cloud as delivery model is unrivaled, for long-term usage Open Source saves costs compared to legacy databases. RDS provides databases with a choice of ten flavors and a number of management tools for analysis and optimization of database performance on top. High availability and back-ups are inclusive.

Furthermore Redis: a No-SQL database. Redis is the basis of Distributed Cache Service. As in-memory database Redis can be used in scenarios where high speed or comfort is necessary. It is typically used as a cache server to make currently used data fast available. Redis also is suitable for real-time analysis and high-speed transactions. With Distributed Message Service a management service completes the current Singapore.

DMS enables communication between various applications. Communication is essential, when data on several components (servers, databases etc.) of an (extended) system need to be checked for consistency. Such consistency checks are regular within extended process chains like payment.

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