Meet our experts!

For many years, Deutsche Telekom has been a trusted partner to numerous corporate clients and business of all sizes.
Nearly all the articles in this blog are written in collaboration with experts from across the company. They have a wealth of experience from countless projects involving IT and cloud applications and their integration into business processes.
We’d like to introduce you to some of our cloud experts.

André kümmert sich bei der TelekomCLOUD seit 2013 um Online Marketing.

André Bonin

has been responsible for the development of the TelekomCLOUD portal since 2012. Since 2006, he has held various online marketing positions covering search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), web analytics, and conversion optimisation. André was originally a software engineer and is therefore always ready to listen to the needs of cloud-loving users.

Anett Dussel

Anett Düssel

has a degree in Business Information Systems. With many years’ consulting experience in telecom and IT, she is a presales consultant in the TelekomCLOUD team.

Daniela Ebert

spent many years as an AIX Engineer in the Solution Delivery department at T-Systems before becoming a Senior Product Developer. Leading up to the launch of Open Telekom Could at CeBIT 2016, she developed the technical implementation of the platform. At the moment her work is concentrated on technical development, the evaluation of technical features, and architecture issues.

Engelbert Eckstein

studied communications and data systems technology at the university of applied science “Georg SIMON OHM” of Nuremberg. Since the late 90 he has been working with Mainframe, different Unix Derivates and Storage Technologies. Since 2004 he mainly deals with operations, engineering and architecture of T-Systems Cloud environments - first with Appliance Computing (AppCom), then with Dynamic Computing Platform (DCP) and DSI vCloud and finally at Open Telekom Cloud.

Andreas Falkner

is an experienced leader in large international telco projects. He served as Vice President in the Energy Division at T-Systems International GmbH (TSI) for five years, and since 2016 has headed the Digital Division’s Open Telekom Cloud department at TSI.

Kurt Garloff

started working on the Linux Kernel (SCSI) next to his university studies in physics. He later built up SUSE Labs, where he was leading the development of the Linux kernel, the gcc Compiler and X11. He later took on technical and business leadership roles at SUSE before he left in 2011. Since 2011, he has mainly been leading engineering and operations of OpenStack based cloud environments – first at Deutsche Telekom, then with Huawei and finally at T-Systems (Open Telekom Cloud).

Thomas Götz

is an IaaS expert at T-Systems International GmbH. He supports companies with the migration from classic server landscapes to virtual infrastructure.

Dr. Clemens Hardewig

has contributed greatly to the development of Open Telekom Cloud and is now in charge of its further development in the IT division of T-Systems International GmbH. Previously he was head of T-System’s division for architecture, technology and sales of the enterprise cloud platforms.

Bernhard Hochlehnert

is a qualified journalist and has been well-known in the IT world for over 20 years. Currently, he is marketing manager in T-System’s Digital Division. He contributes articles in a range of topics including DSI vCloud, DSI Interncloud, AppAgile, WeSustain, and many more. 

Christian Kortwich

studied computer science at the Technical University of Berlin. Since the late 90s he has been working with Linux and other Unix derivatives such as Solaris, AIX, Ultrix , OSF / 1, SCO in various industries, e.g. Telecommunications, Robotics, Aerospace Automation or Security Authorities. Since 2012 he mainly deals with the development and operation of OpenStack -based cloud environments – first at Deutsche Telekom, now he works for T-Systems.

Gregor Logmin

is a product manager in the cloud area of T-System’s Digital Division. He regards himself and his product, DOaaS by Informatica, as catalysts for change to the cloud as well as highlights of the exciting aspects of integration.

Markus Meier

has been involved with IT outsourcing providers for over 15 years. During that time, he held various positions in operations and engineering. For the last five years, he has led a worldwide Linux engineering team at T-Systems. His focus is on the effects and challenges facing the provider during the paradigm shift from classic IT outsourcing to cloud computing. He is actively involved in the evolution of this technology. On top of this, he is currently studying IT Management at the Steinbeis University in Berlin.

Harald Milz

Harald Milz

works for Deutsche Telekom as a cloud architect specialising in application security and cryptology. He previously headed the technical presales teams. Before that, his career took him in several directions including lead editor of heise-Verlag, senior consultant at IBM, editor in chief of Linux Magazine as well as a consultant at Linux distributors SUSE and Red Hat. In his spare time, he can be found in running shoes, on his motor bike, or hacking embedded Linux systems such as the basis of Raspberry Pi. He lives with his family near Munich and cannot imagine working without open source software.

Stefan Mello

works for Deutsche Telekom in Darmstadt and is a certified Microsoft trainer with more than 15 years’ experience in IT management and consultancy. As a presales consultant for TelekomCLOUD, he advises not only clients but also his sales colleagues. He also conducts training and workshops for Office365. He is qualified in service management (ITIL and ISO), project management (Prince 2) and security (ISO).

Sabrina Müller

is currently working as product developer for Open Telekom Cloud. At the Deutsche Telekom AG she built up backend projects in the Data Center Management and ensured the operation. Main focus: Solaris. After a change to the Developing & Testing the department she built up a new automated platform on XEN basis for virtual systems and migrated the existing hardware to the virtual world. In parallel she developed a fully automated Cloud platform on OpenStack basis for internal Telekom customers.

Andreas Nemeth

is Head of Technology & Operations for Deutsche Telekom’s Innovation Business Applications & Cloud Services group. He has been working there for nearly five years with OpenStack and along with his team has developed his own internal cloud platforms based on OpenStack.

Dr. Götz Reinhäckel

has held various IT management positions over the last 15 years. He currently heads the Solution Delivery department at T-Systems International GmbH. His focus is on issues such as outsourcing IT applications, 24x7 operations, international service and delivery management, as well as global cloud engineering. He was responsible for the technical launch of Open Telekom Cloud at CeBIT 2016 and, as part of the ITO core team, is now advancing product development with Huawei.

Dr. Markus Sedlatschek

is a cloud architect with Deutsche Telekom AG. He brings applications to the cloud using OpenStack, Ceph, IaaS, Cloud Security and, last but not least, Docker. He’s been involved in the cloud since 2009 when he was responsible for the technology behind Telekom Mediacentre. In the distant past, he was a PhD candidate in physics with a specialisation in holographics. Drawing on that that experience, he manages to always focus on the bigger pictures and not get bogged down in details.

Dr. Sebastian Weik

is a product manager with focus on partner and commercial management for TelekomCLOUD. He is also responsible for product development in the portal as well as iMeet. He connects marketplace products with Deutsche Telekom’s tariff and device portfolio. His career has taken him in several directions: after studying electrical and communications engineering, he worked for his PhD in image processing and artificial intelligence at Hanover University. After developing his own start-up, he was head developer and product head for a billing and accounting system used in the telecommunications industry. He then went on to various positions in T-Systems developing corporate-wide IT strategies.

Jürgen Wilde

is in charge of business and products for T-System’s IaaS platform. As corporate programme head, he was responsible for the launch of Open Telekom Cloud at CeBIT 2016. He advises and talks to decision makers and analysts about Deutsche Telekom’s experiences in the cloud infrastructure market.

Stefan Zosel

Stefan Zosel

has been responsible for sales of AppAgile, T-System’s PaaS product, since 2014. Beforehand, he was in sales for Pivotal, VMWare and SuSE Linux. He has always been interested in innovative technology and new business models such as AppAgile, which is offered as a managed service to both small and large T-Systems clients.