Open Telekom Cloud: increased services for bigger ideas

24.10.2016 by editorial staff

Open Telekom Cloud’s new release (1.1) makes interaction with cloud infrastructure resources easier and provides new Flavors for digital use-case scenarios including big data and virtual desktops. Find out more here.

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Octopus Cloud AG and Open Telekom Cloud: combating German “Angst”

18.10.2016 by editorial staff

Octopus Cloud AG’s new reporting tool is a success worldwide. When they wanted to expand, they needed a highly-secure infrastructure supplier who satisfied German data protection law. Open Telekom Cloud was the obvious choice.

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Digital transformation: the cloud is paving the way for global prosperity

17.10.2016 by editorial staff

Digital transformation was a key topic at a recent event. Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to developing trust in cloud services means it acts as a data trustee for Microsoft’s service from German data centres. Find out more here.

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Cloud Storage: how to control the mountain of data

14.10.2016 by editorial staff

Companies are facing the challenge of storing and analysing large amounts of data. Capacity needs to grow tenfold in order to cope with future demand. Find out how cloud storage provides a flexible, cost-effective solution.

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Five catchy tunes which prove the cloud is made for start-ups

13.10.2016 by editorial staff

Have you got a great idea for a business start-up? Looking for a cost-effective solution to your IT needs? Don’t waste money investing in servers and storage; find out here why start-ups and the cloud are a match made in heaven!

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OneLogin launched in the Open Telekom Cloud

28.09.2016 by editorial staff

OneLogin live in Deutsche Telekom's highly secure public cloud: Identity and access management (IAM) for cloud services and applications from a German data center.

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Safety is the key to digital transformation

27.09.2016 by editorial staff

Gain insight into digital transformation, new trends in the IT and communication industry, and cloud usage. Discover just how fast computers work with the cloud compared to computing without it, and learn how labs are working to discover weaknesses in Smart Homes.

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MySQL from the Open Telekom Cloud – starting at 3 cents per hour

26.09.2016 by editorial staff

Deutsche Telekom has expanded the portfolio of the Open Telekom Cloud with a relational MySQL database service. Companies can query the database directly using a standard interface.

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How to call the Object Storage Service from a Java application

19.09.2016 by editorial staff

Want to know how to access the Object Storage Service (OBS) from inside a Java application? Our step-by-step guide shows you how.

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How to use the API to control your Cloud

19.09.2016 by editorial staff

Because Open Telekom Cloud’s APIs are based on OpenStack, you can use any OpenStack client to easily control OTC’s services. Our step-by-step guide shows you how.

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The German cloud is growing: Deutsche Telekom continues to develop Germany as its IT base

12.09.2016 by editorial staff

T-Systems, the corporate customer arm of Deutsche Telekom, will today lay the first stone in the extension of its data center in Biere, contributing to the further expansion of Germany as a base for cloud computing.

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10 Reasons for Open Telekom Cloud

31.08.2016 by editorial staff

Open Telekom Cloud enables companies to place their IT infrastructure in a safe environment. Here you can read why Open Telekom Cloud is particularly strong in matters of security, user friendliness and value for money.

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Schwaiger: Secure with Telekom’s Cloud

30.08.2016 by editorial staff

Home automation is the next big technological development. Find out how Schwaiger use Open Telekom Cloud’s flexible infrastructure to allow customers to control heating and lighting easily and securely from their smartphones.

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Open Telekom Cloud’s recipe for success

29.08.2016 by editorial staff

OTC’s recipe for success: simple, secure, cost-effective IaaS. The majority of companies in Germany are now using cloud infrastructure. Learn how we are expanding data centres and services to meet demand.

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First steps with Open Telekom Cloud

09.08.2016 by editorial staff

New to Open Telekom Cloud? Want to get started with creating your first Virtual Private Cloud? No problem! Click here and we’ll show you what first steps you need to take.

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Video: A perfect match – mobile apps and IaaS

08.08.2016 by editorial staff

Explainer video! Learn why the Open Telekom Cloud and mobile apps are a perfect match.

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Video: Flexible pricing models, energy efficient datacenters - that's why the Open Telekom Cloud is so affordable

05.08.2016 by editorial staff

Explainer video! Learn why the Open Telekom Cloud is a really affordable public cloud.

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Digital Leadership: Are you ‘Shaolin’ or ‘Ninja’?

05.08.2016 by editorial staff

Is your business a shaolin or a ninja when it comes to digital leadership? Are you getting the right results from Bimodal IT? Thomas C Aschenbrenner explains how to become a successful digital enterprise.

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Video: Create your own network

29.07.2016 by editorial staff

Learn how you can use the Open Telekom Cloud to create your own virtual private network!

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Open Telekom Cloud: Maintenance Notification

21.07.2016 by editorial staff

Several changes on Open Telekom Cloud are planned for July 25. This article provides a comprehensive overview.

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Telekom strengthens the OpenStack community with the Open Telekom Cloud

19.07.2016 by editorial staff

Telekom strengthens the OpenStack community with the Open Telekom Cloud. For the first time, the company presented itself as Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation at the German OpenStack days in Cologne (21st and 22ndJune). Besides keynote and workshops, concerning the topic OpenStack, Telekom´s business customer division also showed news on Open Telekom Cloud.

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Highlighting new Open Telekom Cloud services

18.07.2016 by editorial staff

More services and lower prices – find out how Open Telekom Cloud is keeping its promise of simple, secure, affordable public IaaS.

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Containers and the dream of cloud independence

15.07.2016 by editorial staff

Looking to change your cloud provider? You’re not locked in to your current vendor! Find out how the cloud container engine lets you move multiple virtual machines easily and quickly.

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Open Telekom Cloud Image Factory - image modifications

14.07.2016 by editorial staff

This blog will give you a detailed information about the changes we made within Open Telekom Cloud to the original vendor images.

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Mobile apps development: How Open Telekom Cloud can improve customer experience

13.07.2016 by editorial staff

The smartphone and app markets are booming. Are you launching an app? Set up a complete, flexible solution – web server and backend – simply, securely, and cost-effectively using the Public Cloud ‘Made in Germany’.

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